Save $$$ on ALL Professional Treatments AND 15% on ALL Professional Skin Care

This is a great way to save a ton of money receiving regular treatments for the health and vibrancy of your skin!  This program includes ALL professional treatments (excluding  Permanent Makeup, Skin Needling and some Body Peels).  Some of the higher-end treatments are special-priced excusively for VIP Members.  Some of these incredible treatments include some of the Body Peels and the 4% Retinol Peel.

The VIP Client also receives 15% off all Professional Skin Care at all times!  The program costs $135/month - this is less than some of the chemical/skin peels.  That means two treatments each month for only $67.50 each.  Some of these treatments cost over $300! This is a HUGE savings!

There is no reason to buy over-the-counter products anymore!  There is NO reason to NOT take care of the health and well being of your skin.  Beautiful skin shows a healthy person from the inside out!  Put your best face forward and become a VIP Member with Jewls!  Read all the details on the form below.


  • Must purchase a minimum of one (1) retail product per month
  • Only purchase skin care from "Jewls" - NOT 3rd party websites etc.  The money you save on treatments easily takes care of the professional skin care with the additional 15% off.
  • If client doesn't comply with above requirements during the contract, the contract is considered null and void and no refunds will be given.               *** Please read about contamination and 3rd party websites on  Jewls' BLOG below ***  
  • This VIP Program is strictly for those who want to obtain better skin health at an affordable price WITHOUT cutting any corners ***


"We are aware that our products are being re-sold on sites like We often receive inquiries in regards to whether this is an authorized retailer of ours. The answer to this question is no.

Like many other beauty brands, PCA SKIN’s products can end up online or on the shelves of unauthorized retailers. We do not guarantee any products purchased through an unauthorized seller, as the product may be expired, diluted, counterfeit and may not be safe to use. These products fall outside of our warranty and we cannot return or replace them.

We have a zero tolerance policy towards unauthorized sellers and take immediate action when they are discovered. As a standard practice, PCA SKIN:

  • does not sell to unauthorized retailers
  • monitors global sales online to identify fraudulent accounts
  • has an internal department that conducts surveillance and investigates fraudulent accounts
  • actively monitors unusual buying patterns
  • immediately shuts down any accounts found to be diverting products to unauthorized selling locations
    in conjunction with a law firm, takes legal action to pursue the closing of unauthorized online stores

If you suspect that a seller is unauthorized, you can report them to us for investigation at" -, PCA...