Superior, natural-looking results!

Get glowing sun-kissed skin in under 10 minutes!

Great care has been taken to bring in the most natural-healthy skin care tanning product available.


Some Useful Tips:

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!!!!

Shave and dry brush your skin prior to receiving your spray tan.  Moisturizer after....

Your spray tan will last approximately 7-10 days - it will exfoliate off with your dead skin...this is why it is important to exfoliate well prior to your tan

No makeup, oils or perfumes of any kind as they may hinder the application.

I use Rapid Tan which processes in as little as 2 hours - although you may leave it on longer for a deeper color.

I also offer a "Showtime" tan which is the deepest, yet still natural-looking tan - this takes about 6 hours to process.

I just added "MOCHA XPRESS ULTRA DARK"....This develops in as little as 30 minutes! Now this tanning solution is a timed solution which means the longer you leave it on before showering, the deeper, darker it gets.  This is not for the fair-skinned...

When you shower, there will be a tea-colored water - dont be alarmed...this is the temporary stain and your real tan has already adhered and developed.

This truly is a unique and quality product that leaves the skin with a very natural, healthy color and glow!