Micro-Skin Needling is my favorite treatment, simply because I sometimes forget to truly take care of my skin as well as I should and this is a "jump-start" intense treatment that not only works topically, but also internally.  This method tightens the outer skin and plumps up the skin underneath reducing hyperpigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles.  Deeper needling improves acne scarring and deeper lines.  I also have an option for a "light peel" to intensify the results.  I like to explain to my clients to think about a golf course and how it is aerated.  Topically, there are perforations and the soil is agitated abit.  Then fertilizer is applied and it is watered.  Same is true with the skin - it is topically aerated (strengthing, tightening and reducing pigmentation) and dermally damaging collagen/elastin/scar tissue causing your own skin to "fire" and plump - basically activating dormant/lazy collagen/elastin and breaking up scar tissue improving overall health of the skin.  My process is unique as I change the depth of my needles according to skin thickness and use microdermabrasion and other processes to truly make this a unique treatment unlike any other.  I use a total of "3" different machines - two seperate machines for the needling process to cause enough dermal damage to create beautiful results!

Below picture is of me on day 2 (I am apologetic for my expression, I do not like taking selfies) of MicroNeedling my skin deeply with Hyaluronic Acid, then applying Epicuren's Black Label Serums which include Stem Cell Technology and Botox in a serum! My skin is tight with no redness.  I am using the Injectstem BioFirming Serum at home along with the ProCollagen Serum Amplifier and ORAC Age-Protect Serum. These 3 Black Label Epicuren Products are a must have for plumping and reconstructing the skin from the inside out.  This is the "Epicuren Black MicroNeedling Treatment".  Exclusively offered here at Skin Care By Jewls.  Click the picture for more information.

46.5 Years Young Here

* No Botox or Fillers

* Grand Lash Serum/Mascara

* No foundation/powder - using professional skin care and Sheer Tint Sunscreen from PCA 


There are 3 Options Available for MicroNeedling Facials:

  • The "Exclusive Micro Skin Needling Facial"
  • The "Epicuren Black MicroNeedling Facial"
  • The "MicroNeedling Extreme Peel Facial"

Purchase any series of 3 and save $200!

These may be done every month

I was recently asked by a potential client, "What is the difference between your MicroNeedling treatment and all the others? Why is your price higher per treatment and the others are a series of 3 for the same price?  Do you use the "Dermapen"?"

To answer the first question, my treatment is unique to "all the others" in that I use a specific cleansing/exfoliating process, Microdermabrasion, anesthetic prior to even beginning the MicroNeedling Treatment itself.  I typically go over the surface area of the skin multiple times and use different depths and two entirely seperate needling machines.  I also use more than one needle configuration to expedite and stimulate even more collagen/elastin production.  The "serums" used depend on each individual's skin needs and I never cut corners!  So, in a nutshell, the difference between my treatment and "The Others" is quality, results and an overall better outcome than the rest.

No, I do not use the "Dermapen".  The reason is simple.  The machine I use has the same ability to use the 12 needle configuration at different depths and speed, however, I am also able to change the needle configuration to better stimulate collagen/elastin production by causing more "Dermal Damage".  The "Dermapen" does NOT have that capability.  Also, it is not just the machine, but also the education, quality and expertise of the technician offering the treatment.  Would you prefer Walmart or Saks Fifth Avenue?  This is your face - 

This really should answer the questions asked.  I hope to see you at the Spa soon for your skin rejuvenation procedure!


Okay....So, the below are pictures of the "Extreme Peel MicroNeedling Facial.

The pictures are starting after the exfoliation process with the microdermabrasion....Round 1 is the first round of needling at a shallow depth...Round 2 is a deeper depth and a higher speed and so on....Round 5 is post application of an acid peel with Hydrodquinone and Resorcinol...then topped with a retinol....I, of course, used a topical anesthetic....also notice I did alot of work under the chin and also the neck area...to tighten and help firm....I also needled my eyelids and under the eyes on Round 1 and 2.

Okay...Day 1 of post Extreme MicroNeedling Facial Treatment....Products used: Epicuren Citrus Cleanser, PCA Rejuvenating Serum, Epicuren Calming Aloe Gel, PCA Rebalance, Epicuren Noni Skin Elixr, Epicuren Soothing Dermal Repair Mist, Epicuren Aloe Cucumber Spritzer, PCA Perfecting Neck and Decollette, PCA Ideal Complex Eye Gel....I will  be misting my skin with Epicurens Spritzers (Aloe Cucumber, Brazilian Propolis and Soothing Dermal Repair Mist.  My skin feels hot like a sunburn and is just slightly swollen.....I will continue to post daily pictures....I'm telling you folks, NO BOTOX, FILLERS yet....hopefully never!  I am wearing only mascara and some lip color on Day 1....no foundation...skin is still red.  Lets face it....looks a little scary up top:) I probably wont experience any or much skin peeling because I am constantly "exfoliating" my skin....most clients will experience peeling post treatment....it all depends on how dedicated you are to your "foundation" of cleansing, exfoliating and using your "building" and "corrective" serums.....and of course, regular skin peels and dermaplaning treatments.  Regular treatments are available at the spa on the discounted "VIP Program"...

Day 2 Post MicroNeedling/Chemical Peel (MicroNeedling Extreme Peel Facial):

Skin is red; heat (felt like a sunburn for one day) is gone; definitely peeling (flaking) on chin and can see I will be around the eyes soon; when I put my morning skin care on, it did "burn" and "sting"...this is normal...you will have brand new skin and the sensitivity will subside in about 60 - 90 seconds.  Be patient and don't freak out.

  • Cleansed with Epicuren Citrus and used facial brush to exfoliate skin (yes I used the facial brush to agitate my skin-this removes dead skin to reveal new, pink skin which is why it is sensitive to topicals for about one minute)
  • PCA Nutrient Toner
  • Epicuren Noni Skin Elixr
  • Epicuren Calming Aloe Gel
  • PCA Rebalance
  • PCA Ideal Complex Eye Gel
  • PCA Perfecting Neck and Decollette
  • Spritzed with Epicuren Soothing Dermal Repair Mist; Brazilian Propolis and Aloe Cucumber
  • Will be applying PCA Sheer Tint Sunscreen SPF45
  • I will then "Spritz" my skin throughout the day (this helps hide "flaking") 

Day 3 Post MicroNeedling Extreme Peel Facial

I have alot of "flaking" (dead skin) which is great!  I cleansed and used the facial brush again to help remove alot of the peeling skin.  There is still dead skin (not flaking yet) around my eyes - which is great too!  This means brand new baby skin all around my eyes!  They are a little puffy, but the puffiness is temporary post needling.

  • Cleansed with Epicuren Citrus Gel (used facial brush)
  • PCA Nutrient Toner
  • Extractions with PCA Nutrient Toner
  • PCA Rejuvenating and Total Strength Serums (mixed together and applied face/neck
  • Epicuren Hyaluronic Moisture Surge and Bulgarian Rose Otto (mixed together)
  • No Makeup
  • Used facial brush daily
  • Scrub every other day
  • Brightening Retinol (PCA)
  • Pigment Gel (PCA)
  • Sheer Tint (PCA) - no powder/foundation