Cupping or Medi-Cupping is fast becoming well-known for it's therapeutic properties.  I think we all either heard or viewed the swimmers from the 2016 Olympics with the "Cupping Marks" on their backs!  Don't worry though, if you do not want the circular marks, the machine may be turned down for desired results.  I personally love the marks, because it is advertising for if you see me around town with circular marks, it's just the medicupping folks!  This non-invasive procedure will "pull" lactic acid out of the muscles and loosen the knots in the back.  It also contributes to improved circulation and lymphatic flow.  I use a machine verses the oriental treatment and the machine can be turned up or down to accomadate each client's need and comfort.  

Add some Magnet Therapy to achieve even greater results !

Medi-Cupping is used for the back, upper thighs, triceps and face in my practice.  Facial cupping is a great way to acheive lymphatic drainage and help reduce puffiness under the eyes and chin area.  Medi-Cupping also works on the fascia under the skin to help loosen it and rebuild collagen and elastin in the face and body!  I'm telling ya, it's a great treatment.  We are now finally understanding how important a role fascia plays and that it needs to be worked out to improve skin topically and dermally in the face and body.  Jewls also may use her red-light therapy to intensify the results.   Book your treatment online today!  This treatment is also included in the VIP Program.  See you soon!!!