This lotion has several "exfoliating properties" including lactic acid to eliminate dead rough skin on the body.  I use it after shaving so it gets in there really good - just know that it will sting for about 60 seconds because all of the active ingredients are able to penetrate the skin deeper and smooth skin even better!  


This body moisturizer is an elegant, rich body moisturizer that I use alternatively with the PCA - Many flavors available!


This I use a 2x2 to apply and press into cleansed skin to continue to exfoliate and penetrate deeply for more thorough antibacterial support.


My eyes are "popping" with the natural growth of my eyebrow and lash hairs - they havent looked this good since High School!!!  With the Permanent Makeup I have (Hairstroke Brows and Eyeliner) - this truly makes a huge difference in the get out of bed and look normal feeling!  Sometimes even quite pretty:)

Epicuren Citrus Gel Cleanser

This luxurious, clean naturally scented cleanser feels great, smells great and is my favorite!!!

PCA Intensive Brightening Retinol

This cutting-edge retinol delivery and brightening serum far surpasses the quality of those irritating doctor prescribed out-dated retinols!  This gets the job done without over-irritating the skin - and with regular peels and skin treatments with Jewls, you will be looking AND feeling amazing!

PCA Revitalizing Eye Gel

Ask me for a sample when you come in for a visit.  I always ask PCA for these samples because IT WORKS!  I noticed my upper/lower eyelids almost instantly tighten in a matter of days - I use every night and sometimes day and night when I remember.


Keep in mind this is a 20% increase over in-spa/special order sales with Jewls - use this solely as a catalogue and order with or shop in-spa with Jewls -  $$$ Save even more with Discount Tuesday Program (details below)

Epicuren Exquisite Body Oils
Epicuren 6 Step Collection

Part of Discount Tuesday Program (details below right)

Epicuren's Black List:

(This is a good thing)

  • InjectStem BioFirming Serum
  • ProCollagen Serum Amplifier
  • ORAC Age Protect Serum

Instead of the InjectStem Facial (below) I step it up to the Epicuren Black Microneedling Facial, Exlusively offered by Skin Care By Jewls - read more about InjectStem Serum by watching the video below...