Lash, Brow and Lip Enhancing Serums

and Other Fabulous Products!

Grande Naturals is an amazing company whose products work visibly within 2 weeks of use!  I kid you not, I have been using the lash and brow serums and my brows are filling in and my lashes are visible at a distance without masacara.  All the products are available at the spa and for special order.  Book a shopping consult to set aside time to pick some of these up for yourself.



GrandeLASH-MD - $64.95 (3 Month Supply)

Created with a proprietary blend of vitamins, peptides, and amino acids, our 9x award-winning eyelash conditioner gives your lashes a fuller and thicker look.  GrandeLASH-MD is safe, natural, and effective, and customer perception studies report a 69% increase in lash density after extended use.  See results in 4 weeks and full results in 3 months.

GrandePRIMER - $24.95 

A white pre-mascara lenthener and thickener formulated with no-flake mini fibers and peptides.  Grande PRIMER preps the lashes for mascara application and boosts its effects.

GrandeMASCARA - $24.95

Our exclusive rich-black Italian mascara provides extreme volume while nurturing and conditioning the lashes with its peptide infused formula.  Try using GrandeMASCARA with primer to achieve an instant false-lash look!

GrandeLINER - $44.95

A long-wearing black liquid eye liner, infused with GrandeLASH-MD, that enhances your natural lashes in 4-6 weeks.  GrandeLINER's precision felt-tip brush delivers product to the eye line in one steady stroke, while promoting longer and thicker looking lashes after long term usage.


GrandeBROW - $79.95 (4 month supply)

An eyebrow enhancing serum that promotes fuller and thicker brows in 6-8 weeks.  GrandeBROW serum's blend of vitamins, peptides and amino acids conditions brow hairs for a healthy and restored look.  Our unique soft-tip brush is carefully designed to deliver product to the brows and sparse areas.

GrandeBROWFILL - $19.95 (light and dark Shades)

A tinted brush-on brow gel, crafted in Italy, and infused with fibers and peptides, adheres to even the finest brow hairs, leaving them fuller and more defined with a single application.  Our special, long-wear formula, evenly coats the brows with a natural tint while filling in sparse areas allowing you to sculp and define your arches for a bold brow look that lasts all day.


GrandeHAIR - $134.95

Formulated with vitamins, peptides and amino acids, GrandeHAIR is a professional strength hair rejuvenation stimulant that revives dormant follicles, strenthens weak hair and thickens your existing hair naturally for a fuller appearance.  It helps restore your hair to natural, healthy condition - with bounce and shine - and helps the hair look thicker and smoother.

GrandeHAIR Shampoo - $21.95

This clear luquid Nutra Peptide Shampoo addresses hair and scalp health at the follicle where hair originates boosting follicle activity for healthier, thicker, younger looking hair.

GrandeHAIRConditioner - $22.95

The combined ingredients in our Nutra Peptide Conditioner enhance microcirculation in the scalp and deliver protective nutrients to the hair follicle to boost length and thickening agents.

The Grande Hair System - $169.95

Set includes:

3 GrandeHair Shampoo

3 GrandeHAIR Conditioner

3 GrandeHAIR Serum


GrandeLIPS Clear - $26.95

A high gloss, voluminizing lip plumper with long-term, hydrating benefits.

Experience true plumping power with GrandeLIPS Hydrating Lip Plumper in newly designed packaging!  This lip plumper, infused with Volulip and Hyaluronic Acid, instantly improves lip volume in 3-5 minutes and hydrates dry areas.  Its clinically proven formula increases overall lip hydration (51%), volume (15%), softness (11%) and firmness  (13%) in just 30 days of usage when applied twice daily.  GrandeLIP's unique cushion applicator easily wipes clean, feels smooth on the lips and combines effortlessly with other lip products.  GrandeLIPS was awarded Aestheticans' Choice and "Thin Lip Fix" by Dermascope and New Beauty magazines, respectively.

GrandeLIPS Color - $26.95

Now you can live up to your full lip potential in color!  

GrandeLIPS is now available in 6 irresistible colors:

Barely There Nude, Pale Rose, Hot Fuchsia, Sunset Orange, Lust Red and Midnight Purple.  Experience all the same benefits as GrandeLIPS original while adding a splash of color to your lip beauty routine.

*** Orders may be emailed in, Text Messaged in, phoned in - Most items are kept in stock, but may special order with Jewls (pre-payment would be required)

*** I am "hooked" on these products! My brows and lashes haven't looked this good since I was a teenager!...Jewls ***

*** Please note that these products are not available in the Discount Tuesday Program (only the skin care lines are included) If you are in the area, book a "Shopping/Consult" to put aside 15 minutes to shop with Jewls at the Spa Retail Lobby ***