What can body peels do for your skin?

There are many types of peels from light to heavy - you and your Aesthetician can determine which peel will be best for your skin.  We want, as we age, to create an environment on our skin that will inhibit the growth of keratosis (those pesky topical growths that are unsightly and typically are burned off).

Peels help remove dead skin and promote new, healthy, stronger skin.  Peels also will improve the appearance of skin by making it smoother to the touch and lighten and even remove brown spots/hyperpigmentation.

Some tips for healthier body skin:

  • Dry brush the skin - always brush skin towards the heart (with blood circulation).  Be sure to use pressure and dont forget under the breasts and back of the arms.
  • Use QUALITY topical moisturizers.  I use two and alternate them:  
    • Body Therapy from PCA - This furthers the exfoliation on the body due to the lactic acid and active ingredients.  I apply this after shaving and daily after dry brushing and showering the skin.  Exfoliate your skin well then apply the Body Therapy - it will sting for about 60 seconds - this is the active ingredients penetrating the skin at a deeper level.  You will see a difference in just a day or two.
    • After Bath Moisturizers by Epicuren - these moisturizers have what's called "Metadermabolic Enzymes" in them which actually reverse signs of aging and makes your skin feel like silk.  Great for after your nightly Epsom Salt (with Essentail Oil) bath - apply this then your fuzzy jammies.
  • I recommend getting your body peeled every month - Arms one month, back the next, legs then alternated again.  Body peels are NOT included in the VIP Treatment.

Body Peels use a much stronger acid (peel solution) and its a larger area than the face, this is the reason the Body Peels are not offered in the VIP Program (actually I will honor the Decollette (chest) peel in the VIP Program and it counts as one treatment)

As usual practice, Jewls does  NOT cut any corners in order to provide the best outcome possible!  Microdermabrasion is one of the modalities used prior to body peels in order to yield deeper, stronger and more beautiful results!