Master Aesthetician & Board Certified Permanent Makeup Artist

"Skin Care by Jewls"  is dedicated to providing the most innovative skin care available. "Skin Care by Jewls" was founded in Arizona by Julie MacMillan, a Licensed Aesthetician.  Jewls keeps her Aesthetician's License in Arizona "Active" and continues to learn and grow in the Aesthetic field!  Jewls attended Kar-Che Professional Career Center in Mesa, AZ and graduated in the top 5 of her class and was the first student of her class to graduate (with well over 800 hours including additional certifications in many modalities~see below).  Jewls began her Aesthetic Career in Mesa and Scottsdale (2005), AZ before moving back to Florida (2008).  Unfortunately, Florida only requires 260 hours of education in skin care! 

 Jewls  became intrigued by how the skin reacts to certain products and how products can significantly reverse and correct signs of biological modifications and hyper-pigmentation.   Jewls continues her education to be "on-top" of the latest techniques and modalities available!  Among her numerous certifications are Advanced Superficial Peels Intense Acid Application, Certified Medical Laser Technician, Microdermabrasion, Advanced Aesthetic Theory.   Jewls  added Permanent Makeup (in 2008) to her menu of services.   Jewls  received her education/certification in Tampa, FL and loves the creative aspect of being able to take years off of a client by adding natural looking permanent cosmetics!  She is using her knowledge as a Licensed Aesthetician to further her career as a Permanent Makeup Artist and will continue to improve and hone her skills to give each and every client the absolute best outcome possible!

Continuing Education and joining local and national groups is always a priority in keeping up with the latest information available to the industry.  You can always feel secure in knowing that a true professional is providing you, the client, with the best possible service and techniques available in today's market!!!

Luxury Facials and Clinical Treatments in a Relaxed Setting

Jewls began her Career in Aesthetics working in  High-End Luxury Spa's in AZ ~ Inlcuding Scottsdale, Gold Canyon, Mesa & Chandler!

Professional Experience ~ Demand QUALITY!

 Current Location: Owner: Day Spa (January 2016 - Present)
9015 Town Center Parkway, Suite #103
Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202 

Previous Locations/Experience
Owner: Day Spa (2011- 2015/16)
822 62nd Street Circle East, Suite #102
Bradenton, FL 34208 
Stepping Stone Clinic ~ All Services ~ Bradenton/Lakewood Ranch
Massage Therapy Connections ~ All Services ~ Bradenton/Lakewood Ranch, FL
Panache Beauty Salon ~ On-Call Permanent Makeup Artist ~ Longboat Key, FL
Nourish Skin & Body ~ On-Call Permanent Makeup Artist ~ Tampa, FL
Pyramid Profiles ~ On-Call Permanent Makeup Artist ~ Lakeland, FL
Advanced Skin and Body Care Day Spa & Hair Salon ~ On-Call Permanent Makeup Artist ~Bradenton, FL
Val's & Co. Salon~ Aesthetician/Permanent Makeup Artist ~ Sarasota, FL  34232 
Mobile Services - AZ, FL & NJ 
Owned Petite Spa ~ Aesthetician/Permanent Makeup Artist ~ Fort Myers, FL
Scottsdale Camelback Resort, On-Call Aesthetician ~ Scottsdale, AZ
Gold Canyon Resort Spa ~ On-Call Aesthetician ~ Gold Canyon, AZ
Healing Arts Day Spa ~ On-Call Aesthetician ~ Mesa & Chandler, AZ


Certifications/Continuing Education 


~Keep Checking Back for Updates~

PCA SKIN, CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL: A Breakthrough in Brightening

PCA SKIN, CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL: Uncover The Complexities of Hormonally Induced Acne

PCA SKIN, CERTIFIED EXPERT: Treating Skin of Color with Confidence 
PCA  Skin, Chemical Peel Specialist; Science & Application
Epicuren Discovery, Skin & Health Care, Certified Spa 
Advanced Superficial Peels Intense Acid Application II - Rhonda Allison 
Board Certified Permanent Makeup Artist - AAM 
Advanced Permanent Makeup Application
Certification in Pain Control - Permanent Makeup 
CPMT- Certified Permanent Makeup Technician 
Advanced Superficial Peels Intense Acid Application - Rhonda Allison Clinical Enterprises
Advanced Microdermabrasion
CMLT~Certified Medical Laser Technician - Theory
PCA - Chemical Peels
Advanced Medical Aesthetic Theory - Derma MD
HIV - Bloodborne Pathogens
Image - Product Knowledge
Repechage - Product Knowledge
Cosmetic Ingredients
Body Sugaring
Permanent Eyelash Extensions
Kar-Che Professional Career Center - Aesthetics~Mesa, AZ

Jewls is also a kitty lover!  I have adopted three cats ~ one from a shelter and the two others were found.   My first one passed while living in Arizona, she was 15.  Even though I am allergic to cats, I just couldn't bear to see them suffer!  The black one below, Nugget, I recently found out she is a Siberian and is known to be hypo-allergenic!  What a gift she has been for me!  The white kitty, Coco, was found outside in the rain crying and infested with fleas - she was so small I thought I'd have to feed her with an eye-dropper - she was so hungry that she went straight for the cat food (hard food) and ate - she had teeth!  She was probably next to death - she eats well now and shows it!  She just wants love, food and shelter -

 I had to put Coco down December 8th, 2011 due to Liver Failure - she was only 7 years old!  It was heartbreaking - but in Coco's memory and to help kitties who need a home, I adopted a kitten from my friend on Christmas Day!  Her name is Ginger and she has brought more furry love into my home - kittens are so energizing to be around - She has not replaced Coco, simply added more love to my home - she is the tabby - her mother was found homeless and pregnant - if she wasn't taken in by my friend, the mother and her 8 kittens would have been homeless.

Supersition Mountain - Jewls Photography
Saguaro Cactus - Desert Dreaming - Jewls
Fred - Skin Care By Jewls Photography
Desert Bloom - by Jewls
Jewls  went hiking
Jewls is still hiking

Some Pictures I took in AZ of the Desert

"Superstition & Camelback Mountains"

Nuggut as "Super Kitty"
Coco the sweetest Kitty
Coco chillaxin
Ginger Baby
Ginger Baby
Nuggut and Ginger sharing Jewls' Lap
Sarasota Skin Care - Bradenton Lakewood Ranch Day Spa, Skin Care Clinic and Permanent Makeup Studio